[talks] Where’s Waldo? Practical Searches for Stability in iBGP

Yi Wang yiwang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Nov 6 12:12:16 EST 2008

Hi all,

Next Monday (November 10), Ashley Flavel from University of Adelaide  
will be giving a talk on modeling IGP/iBGP interaction. Both systems  
and theory people may find this talk interesting.

Time: 11:30-12:30, Monday November 10

Room: CS 301

Title: Where’s Waldo? Practical Searches for Stability in iBGP

What does a child’s search of a large, complex cartoon for the  
eponymous character (Waldo) have to do with Internet routing? Network  
operators also search complex datasets, but Waldo is the least of  
their worries. Routing oscillation is of much greater concern.  One  
cause of such oscillations is the interaction between the routing  
protocols used for reaching internal (IGP) and external destinations  
(iBGP).  In this talk we model the interaction between these two  
routing protocols and precisely identify where oscillation can occur  
due to the interaction, and where it cannot.  We apply this analysis  
to the iBGP configuration of a large Tier-2 ISP and show that despite  
the problem being NP-hard, we can restrict our search to a feasible  
size in a realistic network.

Short bio:
Ashley Flavel is a Phd candidate at the University of Adelaide in the  
School of Applied Mathematics. He holds degrees from the University  
of Adelaide in both Telecommunications Engineering and Mathematical  
and Computer Science. His current research involves the measurement  
and modeling of the Border Gateway Protocol. He will be submitting  
his Phd thesis in late 2008.

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