[talks] J Terrace general exam

Melissa Lawson mml at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri May 1 13:33:06 EDT 2009

Jeff Terrace will present his research seminar/general exam on Friday May 8 at 2PM 
in Room 302 (note room).  The members of his committee are:  Mike Freedman, advisor, 
Jennifer Rexford, and Vivek Pai.  Everyone is invited to attend his talk, and those faculty 
wishing to remain for the oral exam following are welcome to do so.  His abstract and 
reading list follow below.
Massive storage systems typically replicate and partition
data over many potentially-faulty components to provide
both reliability and scalability. Yet many commercially-
deployed systems, especially those designed for inter-
active use by customers, sacrifice stronger consistency
properties in the desire for greater availability and higher
I will present the design, implementation, and
evaluation of CRAQ, a distributed object-storage system
that challenges this inflexible tradeoff. The basic approach,
an improvement on Chain Replication, maintains
strong consistency while greatly improving read throughput.
By distributing load across all object replicas, CRAQ
scales linearly with chain size without increasing consistency
 coordination. At the same time, it exposes non-
committed operations for weaker consistency guarantees
when this suffices for some applications, which is especially 
useful under periods of high system churn. I will
explore additional design and implementation considerations
for geo-replicated CRAQ storage across multiple
datacenters to provide locality-optimized operations.
I will also discuss multi-object atomic updates and multicast
optimizations for large-object updates.

Reading List:
[1] G. DeCandia, D. Hastorun, M. Jampani, G. Kakula-pati, A.
Lak-shman, A. Pilchin, S. Sivasubramanian, P. Vosshall, and W. Vogels.
Dynamo: Amazon’s highly available key-value store.
[2] R. Guerraoui, D. Kostic, R. R. Levy, and V. Quma. A high
throughput atomic storage algorithm.
[3] R. van Renesse and F. B. Schneider. Chain replication for
supporting high throughput and availability.
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F. Dabek, and H. Balakrishnan. Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup
protocol for Internet applications.
[5] M. Burrows. The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems.
[6] S. Ghemawat, H. Gobioff, and S.-T. Leung. The google ?le system.
[7] M. Castro and B. Liskov. Practical byzantine fault tolerance.
[8] B. F. Cooper, R. Ramakrishnan, U. Srivastava, A. Silberstein, P.
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Proc. SOSP, Oct. 2007.
[10] K. P. Berman. Reliable Distributed Systems, Chapters 13-19.

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