[talks] Talk Friday, Feb 19: Jason Sanders of NVIDIA

Nicole E. Wagenblast nwagenbl at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Feb 19 11:08:06 EST 2010

Jason Sanders, NVIDIA
Friday, February 19, 4:30 PM
Small Auditorium (CS 105)

The computing industry is currently undergoing a parallel computing
revolution.  The era of upward-spiraling clock speeds has drawn to a close,
and the era of increasing core counts is upon us.  The graphics processing
unit (GPU) features a massively parallel computing architecture and is well
poised to figure heavily in this evolving landscape.  Two programming
interfaces for the GPU, CUDA C and OpenCL, are readily available.  In this
presentation, NVIDIA GPU architecture and its programming models are

Jason Sanders is currently a senior software engineer in the CUDA team.
He has been at NVIDIA for over two years, where he has developed system
software and most recently has completed a book on CUDA C, due to hit
shelves in 2010.  He received his BSE from Princeton University in 2001 and
an MS from the University of California Berkeley in 2007.

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