[talks] Novel User Interfaces for Audio and Music Computing: Friday 5/28, 2-3pm

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Hi everyone, 

Joern Loviscach is a prolific researcher in music technology, HCI, machine learning, and beyond. He's coming next Friday to give a talk at Princeton, so please come meet him and hear about his work! Abstract & bio are below. 


Novel User Interfaces for Audio and Music Computing 
Friday May 28, 2010, 2-3pm 
Woolworth Music Building, Room 101 

Many tasks in digital music making, audio retrieval, and audio processing become chores, with only few occasions for inspiration and serendipity. This talk is a show & tell presentation of a range of prototypes of enhanced user interfaces developed by the presenter and his collaborators to bring back the fun, such as: 

* Acoustic and visual support for finding music and sounds 
* Improved visual feedback in music sequencers and digital audio workstations 
* Modified on-screen fader controls, modified mice, and color-changing buttons used as controllers for music software 
* Digital music making with the Wii remote controller, a loudspeaker, and other items, among them a bass guitar 

For examples, see 

Joern Loviscach ( www.j3L7h.de ) is a professor of technical mathematics and computer engineering at Fachhochschule Bielefeld (University of Appleid Sciences), Germany. In his research, he aims at connecting human-computer interaction, visual computing, signal processing, machine learning, and electronics. He is a regular contributor to conferences such as SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, AES Convention, and ICMC. In addition, he has published numerous chapters in book series such as Game Programming Gems and ShaderX Programming. 
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