[talks] Chris Bregler Talk today at noon in CS 402

Thomas Funkhouser funk at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 25 10:55:47 EDT 2011

> This is a reminder than there will be a talk of broad interest by Chris Bregler from NYU in the PIXL lunch talk series
> at noon on Monday in CS 402.  All are welcome.
> From Eye-Balls to Ball-Games: Next-Gen Motion Capture for Science and Entertainment
> Chris Bregler, NYU
> Abstract
> This talk will cover several research projects centered around the use of vision and motion capture for animation, recognition, and gaming. This includes human movements as diverse as subtle eye-blinks, lip-motions, spine-deformations, human walks and dances, politicians, base-ball pitchers, and the production of the largest motion capture game to date. The technical content of the talk focuses on the trade-off between data-driven models of human motion vs. analytically derived and perceptually driven models       using dancers, animators, linguists, and other domain experts. This is demonstrated by sub-pixel tracking in Hollywood productions, reading the body-language of public figures, visualizing the pitches of NY Yankees Mariano Rivera, and the making of crowd mocap games in various cultures.

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