[talks] Yahoo! talk starting in 10 minutes (1pm) in CS 105

Mike Freedman mfreed at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon May 2 12:50:59 EDT 2011

Datacenter Network Architecture @ Yahoo!: Past, present, and challenges 
for the future

Igor Gashinsky, Yahoo!

   As the number of people and applications on the internet grows 
exponentially, so do the complexities of serving vast amounts of 
information. From the progression to unlimited e-mail storage, 10+ 
MegaPixel photos and HD streaming video being stored and shared online, 
to semi-real-time page personalization and real time search 
applications, the storage and computing power requirements have grown by 
leaps and bounds over the past 15 years.
Ever wonder what the datacenter networks supporting these applications 
look like? This talk will provide a basic overview of large-scale 
datacenter network design principles, stepping through a history of how 
those designs evolved at Yahoo! over the years, the challenges that were 
faced, their solutions, as well as the challenges we anticipate in the 
(near) future.

Igor Gashinsky is a principal architect at Yahoo!, a global content 
provider, where he is involved in projects ranging from overall network 
design (including highly resilient switching and routing architecture, 
peering, MPLS, L4-7 load balancing), as well as scalable content 
delivery methodologies and DNS architecture. Prior to his 8.5 years with 
Yahoo!, Igor worked as a Senior Systems & Network Engineer for 
HotJobs.com, as well as consulted for a number of clients, working on 
network and systems architecture, network security, system 
clustering/HA, high-performance storage solutions, and general Unix 
system and network administration. Igor holds a BS in Computer Science 
from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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