[talks] C Wang preFPO

Melissa M. Lawson mml at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 30 14:42:54 EST 2011

Chong Wang will present his preFPO on Wednesday November 7 
at 1PM in Room 302 (note room!).  The members of his committee are:
David Blei, advisor; Rob Schapire and Eric Xing (CMU), readers; 
Christiane Fellbaum and Andrea LaPaugh, readers.  Everyone is 
invited to attend his talk.  His abstract follows below.

Title: Hierarchical Bayesian modeling: models and inference algorithms

Hierarchical Bayesian models have become a popular tool for analyzing
large-scale real-world data, such as text and images. Through these
models, people can build useful tools for latent structure discovery,
browsing and recommendations. In this talk, I will present several
recent advances in the area of hierarchical Bayesian modeling, with an
emphasis on topic modeling, Bayesian nonparametrics and approximate
posterior inference. Specifically, I will talk about a novel model on
recommending scientific articles that provides an interpretable latent
structure for both users and items in a recommender system and then
present an online variational inference algorithm that scales up to
millions of articles on a single machine and also does model
selection. Finally, I will summarize with some ongoing work.

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