[talks] Taewook Oh generals

Melissa M. Lawson mml at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 16 16:34:56 EDT 2012

Taewook Oh will present his research seminar/general exam on 
Monday April 23 at 10AM in Room 402.  The members of his 
committee are David August (advisor), Brian Kernighan, and 
Andrew Appel.  Everyone is invited to attend his talk, and 
those faculty wishing to remain for the oral exam following 
are welcome to do so.  His abstract and reading list follow 



Program specialization improves the performance of a program by optimizing it
with respect to invariants in the program and its input. For example, by
specializing an interpreter with respect to the script, a compiler can produce a
highly optimized interpreter customized for the given script. To specialize
loops in the program, applying unrolling during specialization is essential.
Existing specializers, however, require explicit user annotations to the program
to achieve the optimal degree of unrolling. To address this problem, we present
a new program specialization technique called IPLS(Invariant-induced Pattern
based Loop Specialization), which maximizes the benefit of unrolling without
user annotations. First, IPLS traces the values of instructions in the loop that
depend solely on invariants and recognizes repeating patterns of these values
across multiple iterations. Then, it generates a specialized loop for the 
recognized pattern by unrolling the original loop to match the pattern length.
Without any hints from the user about the program, IPLS specializes loops to
reflect the structure of the loop induced by the invariants, so it gets the most
of the benefit from unrolling. Experiments show that proposed technique
effectively specializes real-world programs that the prior techniques fail to
specialize, with a geomean speedup of 14.4% over the original codes.

[Reading list]

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* Research Papers

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