[talks] Soumyadeep Ghosh general exam

Melissa M. Lawson mml at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 16 16:38:48 EDT 2012

Soumyadeep Ghosh will present his research seminar/general exam on 
Monday April 23 at 2PM in Room 402. The members of his committee 
are: David August (advisor), Andrew Appel, and Margaret Martonosi. 
Everyone is invited to attend his talk and those faculty wishing to remain 
for the oral exam following are welcome to do so. His abstract and 
reading list follow below. 


Title: Region-based Type Enforcement for C 


Attacks that violate memory safety to corrupt program state or gain 
control over the execution of vulnerable programs form a large class of 
security threats. In a type-unsafe language such as C, different 
vulnerabilities due to lack of type enforcement (for e.g. buffer 
overflows, format string attacks, etc.) can lead to program crash, 
leakage of privileged information, and malicious code injection. These 
vulnerabilities stem from exploitation of facts that are undefined in 
the C standard. Existing bounds checking techniques cannot prevent 
attacks where bounds violations do not occur. Other techniques provide 
type enforcement, but they are either limited by incomplete code 
coverage or require non-trivial changes to the source code. In this 
work, we present a dynamic type enforcement system for C, that prevents 
memory safety errors by detecting program behavior undefined by the C 
standard. We evaluate the performance and applicability of our type 
enforcement system on a number of real-world applications with reported 

Reading List: 

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