[talks] Talk- Theodore Johnson of ATT Labs Wed. Oct 24

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Hi all, 

Theodore Johnson will be visiting the department from ATT Labs on 
Wednesday, October 24. He'll be giving a talk about Data Stream 

The talk will be 12 noon to 1:30 pm, in Room 302. 

Data stream processing is a well-studied area that has led to 
many commercial offerings. Stream processing systems typically 
store only a small history of a stream, and provide services 
such as real-time alerting and visualization, and data 
reduction for downstream processing. However many applications 
also require that long term (e.g. 2 year) histories 
as well as real-time data be provided to analysts. A stream 
warehouse combines aspects of data stream processing (continual 
data ingest) with data warehousing (long-term storage and 
materialized views). I will discuss special issues and 
opportunities that arise in stream warehousing, and stream 
warehouse applications within AT&T Labs - Research. 

Theodore Johnson received a PhD in Computer Science from New York 
University in 1990. From 1990 through 1996, he was an Associate Professor 
at the CISE department of the University of Florida. In 1996, Ted moved to 
the Database Research group of AT&T Labs - Research and has been there since. 
Ted has specialized in data steam management systems, being one of the 
principal authors of the GS Tool (previously, Gigascope) and of the DataDepot 
stream warehouse. Ted has written two books, Distributed Operating Systems and 
Algorithms (with Randy Chow) and Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning 
(with Tamraparni Dasu). 

Ari Rabkin asrabkin at gmail.com 
Princeton Computer Science Department 

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