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Xin Jin will present his research seminar/general exam on Monday April 29 at 2:30PM 
in Room 401 (note room!). The members of his committee are: Jennifer Rexford (advisor), 
Michael Freedman, and Kai Li. Everyone is invited to attend his talk, and those 
faculty wishing to remain for the oral exam following are welcome to do so. His 
abstract and reading list follow below. 

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The title is "SoftCell: Taking Control of Cellular Core Networks". 

Existing cellular networks suffer from inflexible and expensive equipment, 
and complex control-plane protocols. To address these challenges, 
we present SoftCell, a scalable architecture for supporting 
fine-grained policies for mobile devices in cellular core networks. 
The SoftCell controller realizes high-level service polices by 
directing traffic over paths that traverse a sequence of middleboxes, 
optimized to the network conditions and user locations. To ensure 
scalability, the core switches forward traffic on hierarchical 
addresses (grouped by base station) and policy tags (identifying paths 
through middleboxes). This minimizes data-plane state in the core 
switches, and pushes all fine-grained state to software switches at 
the base stations. These access switches apply fine-grained rules, 
specified by the controller, to map all traffic to the appropriate 
addresses and tags. SoftCell guarantees that packets in the same 
connection traverse the same sequence of middleboxes in both 
directions, even in the presence of mobility. Our characterization of 
real LTE workloads, micro-benchmarks on our prototype controller, and 
large-scale simulations demonstrate that SoftCell improves the 
flexibility of cellular core networks, while enabling the use of 
inexpensive commodity switches and middleboxes. 

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