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Mehmet is an ELE student who is advised by Rob Schapire. He's asked that we announce his 
generals in case anyone from CS is interested in attending. ELE generals do not post a reading 
list like CS does. 


Mehmet E Basbug will present his research seminar/general exam on Monday May 20 at 1:30pm in E-Quad Room J323. The members of his committee are: Robert Schapire (advisor), Kai Li , and Peter Ramadge. Everyone is invited to attend his talk and those faculty wishing to remain for the oral exam following are welcome to do so. His abstract is given below: 


The decoding of brain states using machine-learning and pattern-classification techniques has become a widely used approach in many areas of neuroscience research. Decoding methods are especially essential to the development of non-invasive brain-computer interfaces. One of the most exciting prospects of decoding in basic neuroscience is the potential to modify a person's sensory cortex in response to brain events as they happen or perhaps slightly before they happen. We used EEG and MEG signals to decode the intention of movement even before the movement happens. In doing that we took a big data approach to the problem and developed reliable and scalable models for boosting algorithm. 

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