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Allison Chaney will present her research seminar/general exam on Tuesday October 15 at 
2PM in Room 301 (note room). The members of her committee are: David Blei (advisor), 
Rebecca Fiebrink, and Andrea LaPaugh. Everyone is invited to attend her talk, and 
those faculty wishing to remain for the oral exam following are welcome to do so. Her abstract 
and reading list follow below. 

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Each of us are faced with the problem of selecting which books to read and movies to watch. Traditionally, we ask our trusted friends for recommendations, but algorithmic recommendation models make those choices even easier, saving us time and effort by steering us towards media we are more likely to enjoy. The downside to most probabilistic recommendations is that for some people, part of the appeal of reading or consuming other media is in creating shared experiences with friends. I present a model that incorporates social network information into recommendation models, reintroducing the social aspect to recommendation; this approach also has the potential to improve overall recommendations. This model discovers the latent trust that exists between users in a network and allows us to consider which users are more trustworthy than others, providing us insight into the social network's dynamics. 


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Selected Sections of Textbooks 

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