[talks] Peng Sun's Pre FPO: Monday, December 8 at 10am in CS 402, Title: "Network Management Architecture for Delivering Cloud Services"

Nicki Gotsis ngotsis at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Dec 1 10:55:43 EST 2014

Peng Sun will present his Pre FPO on Monday, December 8 at 10am in CS 402

His committee members are:
Jennifer Rexford (advisor), Dave Walker and Nick Feamster (readers), Margaret Martonosi and Kai Li (non-readers) 

Everyone is invited to attend his talk.  The talk title and abstract follow below:

Network Management Architecture for Delivering Cloud Services 

Efficient and reliable networks are critical to good end-to-end performance 
of cloud services. In both the datacenters of cloud providers and the ISPs 
connecting clients, many network management applications were built to 
improve efficiency and reliability. 

However, the traditional way of building management applications is not 
sustainable, relying on heavy human involvement. Software-defined 
networking (SDN) promises to simplify programming management applications. 
Yet SDN's current scope is limited to routing control on network devices 
within a single domain. 

My research works explore expanding the concept of SDN for better 
end-to-end performance of cloud services. In the exploration, I take a 
research approach of achieving and balancing three objectives: 1) design 
simple and expressive programming abstraction, 2) build efficient and 
scalable system for execution, and 3) deploy and run in real world. 
Using this research approach, I have explored three directions. 

The first direction is deep into network devices to make infrastructure 
easy to program. The network operating system I built, called Statesman, 
introduces a three-view-of-network-state abstraction for programming a wide 
range of management applications. Besides the abstraction, Statesman 
enables automatic and safe operation of multiple applications in parallel. 
Published in SIGCOMM'14, Statesman has been deployed and operational 
worldwide in Microsoft Azure for over one year. 

The second direction is expanding into servers in datacenters to leverage 
the fine-grained knowledge of cloud services in the server OS. The system, 
called HONE, offers a three-stage programming framework to simplify traffic 
management. HONE's runtime executes the programs across servers and network 
devices in an efficient and scalable fashion. HONE has been integrated into 
products for Verizon Business Cloud, and appeared in JNSM July'14. 

The final direction is reaching out to ISPs for better delivery of cloud 
services. This work-in-progress aims at a direct, fine-grained, and 
self-contained solution to inbound traffic engineering (TE) for 
enterprises. The solution employs three tiers of abstractions to simplify 
the inbound-TE policies, and it scales up with a distributed enforcement 
system to control the inbound ISPs for traffic flows. This ongoing work is 
in collaboration with OIT on our campus network. 

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