[talks] Logan Stafman's Generals: Thursday, May 22, 2014 (2pm) in Rm. 402

Nicki Gotsis ngotsis at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu May 15 14:49:11 EDT 2014

Logan Stafman will present the General Exam on Thursday, May 22, 2014 (2pm) in Rm. 402.  The members of Logan's committee are Margaret Martonosi, Jennifer Rexford, and Vivek Pai.

Everyone is invited to attend Logan's talk, and those faculty wishing to remain for the oral exam following are welcome to do so.  Logan's abstract and reading list follow below.

Recently, we have been asking for our mobile phones to do more computation than ever before, while maintaining energy efficiency. Many mobile apps, in particular sensing apps, approach the problem of energy usage optimization by offloading heavy computation to the cloud. While this approach helps to save computation energy, it can often increase latency, bandwidth usage, and communication energy. As compute capability and heterogeneity of mobile devices both increase, the tradeoffs regarding when to offload computation to the cloud, whether from a latency, bandwidth, or energy standpoint, have become complex. While researchers have developed some systems to automate this offloading process in applications by offloading entire virtual machines and automatically partitioning applications, more remains to be done. 

This work studies automated techniques for optimizing application partitioning and offload. We consider energy and bandwidth oriented partitioning approaches. In addition, we discuss how the addition of new application modules (such as compression) can improve the payoff from offloading. Our work uses two example applications: SignalGuru and Sphinx. For SignalGuru, our partitioning approach improves bandwidth usage by up to 10x and offers energy savings as well. We discuss how these applications need to be adapted to obtain these goals, and how this process can be automated. We will also discuss how differences in the hardware of mobile devices can strongly affect the optimal partitioning choices for these applications. 

Reading List 
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Book: Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, 7th Edition - William Stallings 

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