[talks] Talk: Yaron Koral Wed Nov 12, 10am

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Tue Nov 11 10:00:00 EST 2014

Deep Packet Inspection as a Service 
Yaron Koral, Princeton University 
Wednesday, November 12, 10am 
Computer Science, Room 402 

Middleboxes play a major role in contemporary networks, as forwarding packets is often not enough to meet operator demands, and other functionalities (such as security, QoS/QoE provisioning, and load balancing) are required. Traffic is usually routed through a sequence of such middleboxes, which either reside across the network or in a single, consolidated location. Although middleboxes provide a vast range of different capabilities, there are components that are shared among many of them. A task common to almost all middleboxes that deal with L7 protocols is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Today, traffic is inspected from scratch by all the middleboxes on its route. In this paper, we propose to treat DPI as a service to the middleboxes, implying that traffic should be scanned only once, but against the data of all middleboxes that use the service. The DPI service then passes the scan results to the appropriate middleboxes. Having DPI as a service has significant advantages in performance, scalability, robustness, and as a catalyst for innovation in the middlebox domain. Moreover, technologies and solutions for current Software Defined Networks (SDN) (e.g., SIMPLE [41]) make it feasible to implement such a service and route traffic to and from its instances. 

This is joint work with Anat Bremler-Barr, Yotam Harchol, and David Hay, and will appear at CoNEXT in December 2014. 
Yaron received his PhD at Tel Aviv University and is a new postdoc at Princeton. 
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