[talks] Talk: Masoud Moshref visit Wed Nov 12 2014

Nicole E. Wagenblast nwagenbl at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 11 10:26:30 EST 2014

Speaker: Masoud Moshref (USC) 
Title: Resource Virtualization for Software-defined Networks 
Date/time: 12-1.30pm Wednesday Nov 12 (lunch provided) 
Location: COS 402 

Abstract: Software defined networking centralizes control plane 
functionality, separating it from the data plane which is responsible 
for packet forwarding. Many management tasks such as finding heavy 
hitters for multi-path routing may run using SDN in a network with 
limited resources. However, by abstracting them from resources at 
individual switches, a resource manager at the controller can optimize 
their resource usage. As management tasks often have a 
measurement-control loop, my projects, DREAM and vCRIB, work on 
measurement and control tasks, respectively: First, Dream ensures a 
minimum user-specified level of accuracy for tasks instead of 
allocating a fixed amount of resources to each task. Therefore, it 
dynamically allocates resources across tasks in reaction to traffic 
dynamics and task dynamics, which allows resource multiplexing. DREAM 
is 2x better at the tail of minimum accuracy satisfaction comparing to 
current practice even in cases with moderate load. Next, vCRIB 
automatically distributes control rules on all switches in the network 
giving the abstraction of a centralized rule repository with resources 
equal to the combined resources of all switches. vCRIB can find 
feasible rule placement with less than 10% traffic overhead in cases 
where traffic-optimal rule placement is not feasible with respect to 
CPU and memory constraints. 

Bio: Masoud Moshref is a 5th year PhD candidate in University of 
Southern California. He works on resource virtualization in 
Software-Defined Networks in Networked Systems Lab under supervision 
of Ramesh Govindan and Minlan Yu. He got MSc and BSc in Information 
Technology Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. 

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