[talks] Ravi Tandon will present his MSE thesis talk Tuesday, 5/12, 1:35pm in 302 (notice:change of time)

Nicki Gotsis ngotsis at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue May 12 11:59:56 EDT 2015

Ravi Tandon will present his MSE thesis talk Tuesday, 5/12, 1:35pm in 302.

The members of his committee are Professor Andrew Appel (advisor), Professor Kai Li.

Everyone is invited to attend his talk.  His abstract follows below.

With the advent of cheap and fast nonvolatile memory (NVM), applications with managed runtimes may run with some part of their heap extended over NAND flash memory. While the working set size of a wide range of applications can easily fit in DRAM, they have much larger working set sizes during garbage collection which can induce paging. Even though the resulting page faults to NVM are much faster than paging to rotating disks, application throughput during garbage collection deteriorates. In this work, we present the design and implementation of a garbage collection algorithm (called core-aware garbage collection (CAGC)) for Java applications running over a hybrid memory architecture. CAGC substantially improves the performance of Java applications too large to fit in DRAM, but which do fit in NVM (as secondary memory) during garbage collection. CAGC makes use of a basic technique (data placement awareness) to improve application performance. The technique reduces accesses to out-of-core pages, improving average application throughput by 58%.

Joint work with Professor Andrew Appel and Professor Vivek Pai.

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