[talks] Talk- Byron Cook -time and location change

Nicole E. Wagenblast nwagenbl at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 22 14:14:22 EDT 2015

This talk will now be at 3:30pm in room 402. 

Tuesday, Oct 27, 3:30pm 
Computer Science 402 
Byron Cook, University College London 

Proving that programs eventually do something good 

In this talk I will discuss research advances that led to practical tools for automatically proving program termination and related properties, e.g. liveness. Practical applications include automatically proving device driver correctness, and pharmaceutical research. 

Byron Cook is Professor of Computer Science at University College London. Byron is also a Senior Principal at Amazon. See http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/b.cook/ for more information. 

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