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Wed Jun 1 09:48:38 EDT 2016

Moving Network Flows without Congestion: Different Models, Different 
Wednesday June 1, 2016, 11am 
Computer Science 302 

While the optimal utilization of networks with (multi-commodity) flows 
is a well-studied research area, the consistent migration of flows is 
still a relatively young field: If the demands in a network change, 
how can we satisfy these new demands without losing packets or 
rate-limiting flows in the process? Central control, as offered by 
Software Defined Networking, cannot change the network behavior 
instantaneously. E.g., due to asynchrony, links can be over-utilized 
in the migration, leading to (temporary) congestion. 

In this talk, we are going to look at consistent flow migration for 
different models, ranging from single-destination flows with weak 
consistency requirements and arbitrary flow paths, to multi-commodity 
flows along fixed new paths with truly lossless migration. (Joint 
ongoing work with Sebastian Brandt, Laurent Vanbever, and Roger 

Klaus-Tycho Foerster is a PhD candidate in the Computer Engineering 
and Networks Laboratory at ETH Zurich, advised by Roger Wattenhofer. 
Prior to joining ETH as a research assistant, he earned his master 
degrees in mathematics and computer science, both at the Braunschweig 
University of Technology. Klaus' research focus lies in distributed 
computing, graph algorithms, and Software Defined Networking: Funded 
by Microsoft Research, he is studying the complexity of consistent 
updates in SDNs. 
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