[talks] Reminder about Matthias Niessner's talk today at 1:30PM in CS 302

Thomas Funkhouser funk at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Sep 30 10:58:04 EDT 2016

Title: Interactive 3D: Static and Dynamic Environment Capture in Real Time
Speaker: Matthias Niessner
Affiliation: Stanford University
Time: Friday Sept 30, 1:30-2:30PM
Place: Room CS 302

In recent years, commodity 3D sensors have become easily and widely 
available. These advances in sensing technology have inspired 
significant interest in using captured 3D data for mapping and 
understanding 3D environments. In this talk, I will give an overview of 
how we can now easily obtain 3D reconstructions of static and dynamic 
environments in an interactive manner, and how we can process and 
utilize the data efficiently in real time on modern graphics hardware. 
More concretely, as an example application for 3D reconstruction, I will 
talk about facial reenactment (Face2Face), where we use an intermediate 
3D reconstruction to interactively edit videos in real time. Last but 
not least, I will talk about the real-time optimization strategies used 
in the aforementioned problems, from which have developed 'Opt', a 
domain-specific language that automates the implementation of 
non-linear-least-squares from an abstract energy formulations to 
parallel hardware.

This talk is going to be very fun.   All are welcome.

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