[talks] Friday, 12p, Sherrerd 306 - Paul Schmitt, UC Santa Barbara on Mobile Networking in Syrian Refugee Camps

Nick Feamster feamster at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jan 11 13:46:04 EST 2017

Mobile Networking in Resource-Limited Environments
Paul Schmitt (http://cs.ucsb.edu/~pschmitt/), UC Santa Barbara
Friday, January 13, 12p 
Sherrerd Hall 306 (Conference Room)

Modern networks face an unrelenting demand for high-bandwidth Internet and cellular connectivity. The challenges of providing such connectivity are exacerbated in resource-limited environments, where infrastructure improvement or augmentation is often economically infeasible. Without access to adequate connectivity, the information and technology digital divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ widens. In order for wireless and mobile networks to maintain pace with demand, and achieve global connectivity, we must empirically study existing resource-constrained networks and leverage those findings to inform new system designs across the telecommunications hierarchy.

In this talk, I will present a cellular measurement study conducted in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan and a hybrid cellular system, informed by the measurement campaign, designed to alleviate user-facing resource congestion on commercial cellular networks using a non-cooperative local cellular network.

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