[talks] Reid Oda will present his Pre FPO January 24, 2017 in CS 402 at 12pm.

Nicki Gotsis ngotsis at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jan 18 16:13:50 EST 2017

Reid Oda will present his Pre FPO January 24, 2017 in CS 402 at 12pm. 

The members of his committee are: Rebecca Fiebrink (adviser), Adam Finkelstein, Dan Trueman (readers), Chris Chafe (Stanford), Marshini Chetty (non-readers) 

Everyone is invited to attend his talk. The talk abstract follow below: 

I will consider the problem of playing live, rhythmically synchronized, collaborative music over the Internet. Though the Internet has revolutionized many forms of communication, online collaborative musical performance has yet to become widespread. This is largely because of the latency (temporal delay) that is inherent in Internet communication, which makes it difficult for musicians to play in time with one another. In my thesis I propose two solutions to this problem, deploy them to musicians, and study them. The first approach, called the Global Metronome, allows players to play in time with one another, even if there is zero communication between them. The Global Metronome is a GPS-connected tempo-keeping device that automatically beats in time with every other Global Metronome implementation. The approach also allows for MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) clock enabled devices to be synchronized over long distances, which has not been previously possible. The second approach, MalLo, is a predictive instrument used to combat latency via prediction. By tracking a percussion mallet, MalLo predicts when a note is going to be played, and sends the timing information across a network, early, so that it can be turned into audio at the same time by both sender and receiver. Finally, I will provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and make recommendations for further advancements. 

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