[talks] TODAY at 4:30 pm -- EE Seminar - May 3, 2017, 4:30 pm, E-Quad B205 - Dr. Sukarno Mertoguno

Nicole E. Wagenblast nwagenbl at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed May 3 09:35:51 EDT 2017

Department of Electrical Engineering 


Speaker: Dr. Sukarno Mertoguno 

The Office of Naval Research 

Title: Research in Cyber Security & Complex Software at ONR code 311 

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 

Time: 4:30 pm 

Room: E -Quad, Room B205 

Host: Prof. Prateek Mittal 

Abstract: This talk will discuss a quick overview of current research topics for Cyber Security & Complex Software at ONR code 311. Emphasis will be given to our Learn-2-Reason concept, a hybrid formal-statistical decision making system, and topics related to our current and incoming BAAs on specialization for software and protocols, toward achieving more efficient and more secure cyber systems. 

Bio: Dr. J. Sukarno Mertoguno manages basic and applied science research in cyber security and complex software for The Office of Naval Research (ONR). Before joining ONR he worked as a system & chip architect and an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley, where he has worked on various chips and systems, such as embedded processors, switching fabric, network processors, and various other hardware accelerators, including TCP/IP, NFS, mobile anti-malware, etc. He received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from SUNY-Binghamton. He also has background in Theoretical Physics. 

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