[Topic-models] Public MCMC code for LDA?

Matteo Dimai webmaster at diman.it
Fri Dec 1 07:15:09 EST 2006

Hello list,
Is there any public MCMC code for LDA? I'm trying to calculate a measure
of fit, I'd like to implement the DIC but this needs Monte Carlo samples
of course.
Also, where I may find papers about MCMC and LDA? I'm working on a
modification of LDA for hierarchical data (in my case, administrative
procedures that can be thought of being "generated" by the laws they're
referring to) and the likelihood is too complex to use variational
Oh, by the way, I tried using BUGS for LDA, but with 3 MB of data and a
vocabulary of 8k terms it doesn't compile.
Best regards,

Matteo Dimai

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