[Topic-models] Success of LDA in real world applications

xgwang at csail.mit.edu xgwang at csail.mit.edu
Wed Feb 21 12:10:46 EST 2007

LDA has drawn more attention in computer vision in recent years,  
especially for object recognition. See

Li, F. & Perona, P. A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Learning Natural  
Scene Categories Proc. CVPR, 2005

Sivic, J.; Russell, B.C.; Efros, A.A.; Zisserman, A. & Freeman, W.T.  
Discovering object categories in image collections Proc. ICCV, 2005

Niebles, J.C.; Wang, H. & Li, F. Unsupervised Learning of Human Action  
Categories Using Spatial-Temporal Words Proc. BMVC, 2006


,>   I came across the following comment recently,
> "LDA as well as pLSA are very popular in the literature, but all
> examples of their use on text, when carefully considered, are
> unsuccessful."

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