[Topic-models] hierarchical bayes compiler (hbc) version 0.2

Hal Daume III hal at cs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 25 11:06:02 EDT 2007

Hi topic buddies --

I thought the members of this list might be interested to know that 
version 0.2 of HBC (the Hierarchical Bayes Compiler) is now available. 
The original announcement for version 0.1 can be found at:


The HBC web page is at:

   or http://www.cs.utah.edu/~hal/HBC

The "big deal" with version 0.2 is that variables that are distributed 
Dirichlet and are only ever used in a conjugate pairing with 
Multinomials can now be automatically collapsed.  This means, for 
instance, that the Griffiths+Steyvers collapsed Gibbs LDA is available 
for "free" (okay, you have to write six lines of code to specify LDA, 
but I think you can handle that).

Finally, here's an appeal to the community:

Currently, HBC only generates C code.  This is great because it's fast, 
but maybe you want Python or Java or whathaveyou.  Here's the deal (this 
is also posted as a comment on the blog link above).  If you want me to 
target HBC to your language of choice, then I need you to provide me 
with the equivalent of stats.c in your language.  If you do that, I'll 
promise to work on the code generator.


  - Hal

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