[Topic-models] Averaging vs point estimates Was: general questions about LDA (and related models)

Laura Dietz dietz at mpi-inf.mpg.de
Fri Aug 22 16:53:32 EDT 2008


> i think you may be confusing the issue with a practical strategy of dealing with it.

There are two implications of the label switching problem:
a) you may not use the number of the cluster/topic for anything
b) you may not average different samples, because the semantics of the 
topics might have changed (in the worst case: two topics exchanged all 
their words)

You are absolutely right, the label switching problem is always there -- 
  especially in the sense of a).

We were referring to the discussion "sample averaging is not allowed, 
because label switching (or call it topics switching semantics) may occur".

We were pointing out, that empirically labels do not tend to exchange 
semantics within one sampling chain, which means the b) part of label 
switching seems not to occur under realistic conditions, and thus, 
averaging samples is not as prohibitive as it seems.

I think one may even be able to quantify the exchange of semantics by 
monitoring changes in clusters over iterations. With change in cluster I 
mean something like, for two given iterations iterA and iterB calculate 
a measure Q.

count the number of pairs of tokens (w1, w2) for which one the following 
condition is true:
*  in iterA w1 and w2 were associated to the same topic AND in iterB w1 
was assigned to a different topic than w2
*  in iterA w1 was assigned to a different topic than w2 AND in iterB w1 
and w2 were associated to the same topic

Q = count / number of all pairs

The higher Q the more different the semantics of topics in iterA and iterB.

If Q is zero, you may have been in the exact same state, or the topics 
might have been renumbered.

Just an idea. Maybe, one day, I will think this through....

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