[Topic-models] Regarding LDA

Veena T veenat2005 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 01:08:33 EST 2008


This regarding the LDA model for document corpus.
I have read the paper and found that at the end of learning, we have to
estimate two parametrs:
1. beta
2. alpha
in addition to the variational parameters.

If I am correct,
1)we have to estimate KxV number of (beta) parameters where K corresponds to
the number of factors and V corresponds to the cardinality of the
multinomial variable (w)m.
2) We have to estimate MxK number of (alpha) parameters where M corresponds
to the number of documents considered.

Please tell me whether my understanding about the number of paremeters to be
estimated is correct or not?


Veena Srinivas,
PhD scholar,
Speech and Vision Lab
IIT Madras, Chennai-36
Tamil Nadu
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