[Topic-models] LDA on parallel corpora?

Dave Stallard stallard at bbn.com
Wed Nov 12 16:16:33 EST 2008

Dear list,

Does anyone know of any work on applying LDA (or other topic modeling methods) to bilingual parallel 
corpora for MT?   Since the two halves of the corpus can have different number of words (and 
different word orders), having the model generate words in pairs probably isn't right.  Rather, it 
seems like one ought to have two parallel LDA processes which share a common Dirichlet topic prior. 
  To generate a bilingual document, one would draw a single common topic multinomial from this 
prior, representing our (reasonable) belief that the two versions of the document are about the same 
things.  One would then use this multinomial to independently generate the two versions of the 
document.  That is, for each word in the document version, one would independently draw a topic from 
the common cross-language topic multinomial, and then draw a word from the word multinomial P(w|z) 
for that language and topic.

Does this sound reasonable?  And does anyone know of any work along these lines?   Surely there must 
be some...


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