[Topic-models] estimating topic distribution over documents

Fiona Skerman u4116695 at anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 17 17:50:46 EST 2008

In response to a question on the princeton mailing lists on LDA,  a memeber suggested picking the top topic for a document by picking the biggest number for that doc in final.gamma.
 I want to find a way to turn the document final.gamma into p(z_i|doc_j).
 As a example data set I have 20 documents, over 4 topics which return the following final.gamma. Two lines/documents shown below. Where each column is a topic, z_0, .. z_3.
 doc 1 5.0177453674 0.0177453674 0.0177453674 0.0177453674
 doc 2 1.0177453674 2.0177453674 0.0177453674 0.0177453674
 In the first line/that document appears to entirely made up of the first topic z_0. So a probability p(z_0|doc1)=1 p(z_i|doc1=0) for i=1,2,3 seems reasonable. 
 But what of document 2. We have roughtly     1      2      0       0 .
 What does this mean. Is a word in doc2 twice as likely to come from topic 2??     should we have p(z_0|doc2)=1/3, p(z_1|doc2)=2/3????
 Thank you in advance, 
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