[Topic-models] LDA beginner's questions

Veena T veenat2005 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 00:35:39 EST 2008

Hello Mateusz Berezecki,

Even I had the similar feeling as you for the LDA-C code when i went through
it initially. However, after keen observation, I realised that the equations
mentioned in the paper, do match exactly with the code. Only thing is that,
for efficient computation, some things may be precomputed and kept and
so.Hence you may not get one-to-one correspondence between the paper and the

Variational parameters are parameteres of the variational distrubutions, in
the variational inferencing scheme.

Veena Srinivas,
PhD scholar,
Speech and Vision Lab
IIT Madras, Chennai-36
Tamil Nadu
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