[Topic-models] Speeding up LDA

David Mimno mimno at cs.umass.edu
Wed Oct 15 20:25:21 EDT 2008

It's not yet part of a packaged release, but the current development 
version of Mallet 2.0 (available through our Mercurial repository, see 
http://mallet.cs.umass.edu/download.php) contains an extremely fast 
multithreaded Gibbs sampling implementation. The class is called
cc.mallet.topics.ParallelTopicModel, if anyone would like to try it. See 
the documentation on that site for info on using Mallet to load text data, 
remove stopwords, etc.

The sampler implements a method that allows us to cache almost all of the 
computation involved in generating the sampling distribution for a topic, 
making a small number of changes after each update. I haven't run it head 
to head against the FastLDA Gibbs algorithm from the recent KDD paper 
(I've also seen a variational algorithm called FastLDA -- we need better 
names!), but I suspect they would be comparable. The multithreaded 
parallelism is the very simple approximate parallel algorithm presented by 
Newman et al. in last year's NIPS. I was able to run a 500 topic model on 
about 70,000,000 words for 1000 iterations in about five hours.

Regarding Java vs. C -- my experience is that a minimalist, carefully 
written java implementation is basically as fast as a C implementation. 
Java lets you do things that can be slow, but "Java is slow" is soooo 
1998. :)


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