[Topic-models] Using the Turbo Topics code

Matthew Gardner mjg82 at byu.edu
Tue Aug 3 18:01:30 EDT 2010

I'm looking into using David Blei's turbo topics code, posted on his
website, and I'm trying to make sense of the format for the input files.  If
someone who has used the code before could make sure I'm understanding this
right, I would greatly appreciate it.  I searched through the list archives,
wondering if anyone had already answered this, and I couldn't find anything.

It looks like I need three things:
 - a vocab file, one word per line, just like the input to LDA-C
 - a corpus file, with the (non-pre-processed) text of the documents, one
document per line
 - an assignment file, whose format is somewhat nebulus to me

>From looking at the code, I think the assignment file is supposed to be like
One line per document, with the first element probably being the filename or
the number of unique words in the document, as in the LDA-C input (though
that's ignored, anyway, it looks like).  Presumably the order of the
documents must be the same in both this and the corpus file.
In the line, you have one entry per unique word, with the entry being

And then turbo topics takes care of the rest?  Do I have the format right?
 I have a state file as output from mallet, and a corpus file already
formatted close to what the turbo topics code wants, so it seems like it
wouldn't be too much work to get everything into that format.  But, I would
like to be sure I have the format right before doing that work.  Any help?

Also, what if a word was labeled with more than one topic in a document?  It
looks like you just label it with the topic that had the highest count for
that word in that document (if you're going from a mallet output file)?
 That's what I understood from the paper, anyway.  You lose some
information, but hopefully it's still good enough.

Matt Gardner
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