[Topic-models] [OT] Short-term consultancy this fall

Mark Bucciarelli mark at crosscutmedia.com
Thu Jul 15 11:31:19 EDT 2010

Hi List,

I've been lurking here for over a week since I watched
David Blei's talk at Google.  I am interested in using
topic models to do feature engineering for music,
theatre, and other local events.

I'm looking to hire a consultant to help with
programming and model development this fall.

Ideal: someone that knows and loves C, topic
modeling and thinks setting up ACML-GPU with
a Radeon 4870x2 to run ctm on tens of thousands
of documents would be a fun two-day hack.

Two to three months full-time; telecommute is fine;
Boston, Hartford or Albany area is ideal.  It's NSF-
funded, so the work must be done in the U.S.

This list (as well as David Blei's documentation
and code) has already been very helpful; I'd love
to be able to spend our money in a way that helps
someone in this community.

I think off-list responses are most appropriate,
considering this sequence of symbols is non-
technical noise fouling up the clear signal that
normally flows from this message source.


Mark Bucciarelli
Crosscut Media

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