[Topic-models] about hdp

Rémi Emonet remi.emonet at idiap.ch
Thu Mar 24 11:24:50 EDT 2011

On 24/03/11 12:45, 王 王 wrote:
> hi all,
>      From the paper, I know that the hdp can solve the question about
> the number of topic, but the process seems to difficult, I can not
> understand it better, Are there any simple materials about it? Or, does
> any one have realize it?


I had to understand HDP some months ago and was planning on writing an
“HDP for dummies: from the model to the gibbs sampler” document. I
haven't done it yet.

Maybe, you can have a look at a 1-page introduction to HDP we have in a
paper to appear in cvpr 2011. I extracted the relevant text and put it

It is far from complete but I hope this helps a little.


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