[Topic-models] probability of topics to documents and words distribution in hLDA

ravi kumar v ravikumarv123 at rediffmail.com
Fri Jul 6 01:42:47 EDT 2012

Hi All
I am using Mallet hLDA and i am getting topic tree for the given corpus and i am using these topics from root-1 to leaf nodes  to cluster the documents using cosine and jacard similarity, but what i am finding here is the number of documents specified by the hLDA topic tree at the leaf node is not matching with th number of elements in the cluster for each of the path. My question areWhether my approach is correct?is there any way i can find the probability of  topics to documents and words to topic in the obtained hierarchy.
Please give your valuable suggestions.Thanks in advance for your valuable feed backs and suggestions.With RegardsRavi kumar V

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