[Topic-models] R Not Responding

Tony Paredes tgalois at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 23:00:12 EDT 2016

Hello All,

I am running correlated topic model using the package topicmodels in R, the
corpus contains about 2,360,000 documents. I am using a machine with 128 GB
of RAN; Windows 7. R it seems to go into a Not Responding mode; however,
the Task Manager of Windows shows that R is using approximately 84 GB of
memory; so I am assuming R is doing something. The model stated running on
Friday August 26 at about 7:00 PM and still going, and of course I don't
have a clue for how long more..

I wanted to ask for any feedback on your experience using this package;
like how long will it take R to complete this model takeing into
consideration the corpus size. Should I go directly to the C code and run
the model from C? What other options exits for correlated topic models? Any
other feedback.

Wonderful, have a good night everyone.
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