[Topic-models] Topic coherence in author-topic models

Ólavur Mortensen olavurmortensen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 06:30:23 EST 2016

I’m wondering how to compute topic coherence in the author-topic model
<https://mimno.infosci.cornell.edu/info6150/readings/398.pdf>. Any
information or advice would be appreciated.

In case it’s needed, a very short description of author-topic models and
topic coherence:

   - An author-topic model is basically just a topic model where each
   author is associated with a distribution over topics. It is based on Latent
   Dirichlet Allocation.
   - Topic coherence <http://dirichlet.net/pdf/mimno11optimizing.pdf>
   evaluates the quality of topics by a metric based on the co-document
   frequency of words.

Is topic coherence valid for the author-topic model?

Is there any different metric I could use to evaluate the topics resulting
from a author-topic model? For example, one could use the co-author
frequency of words. Is there any annotated data (like in the topic
coherence paper) that can be use to validate a topic coherence metric in
the author-topic model?
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