[Topic-models] Comparison of different tools for LDA

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Hi Shayan,

I would discourage you from using R because it has few robust packages for deep learning. My opinion is that deep learning is likely going to be used a lot in topic modelling in the future. In where I am in UCL we often use gensim but the list of relevant python packages is much longer. Gensim is not always a golden solution to every topic model problem. You may find easier to use python packages for specific problems.

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Dear Topic-Modelers,

There are several tools for LDA. But I don't know which one is better and when? I wonder if anyone could guide me in choosing one toolbox. My priorities are ease-of-use and supporting various variations and extensions of LDA.
Some but not all of the candidates are:
1- MALLET (Java)
2- gensim (Python)
3- topicmodels (R)
4- Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox

Thanks in advance,
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