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I have noticed the same thing.

If you move the update of the topic digamma_gam to outside the word loop so every phi is calculated with the same digamma_gam, you will get very similar results.

Running 25 topics on the included AP data, and then using the topic word print program for 5 words, you get the same words for 18 of the 25 topics.  There are 4 topics with 1 word difference, and 3 topics with two words difference.

I have not examined these differences closely enough to say if they are significant.

With respect to the first question, the all of the values for phi are pre-initialized and a sum is calculated.  The subtraction of the old from the new allows for the sum to be updated without the looping through the words.  Recall that var_gamma[k] is uses the sum across the words of the topic phi values.

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Subject: [Topic-models] LDA gamma update

Hi everyone

I first want to mention a point and then ask two questions

In LDA paper, to update gamma in Variational Inference, as you can see:

[Inline image 1]
in one iteration updating phi of a word should not have effect on updating phi for other words(e.g. consider first iteration). However, in lda-c it seems that updating gamma immediately after updating phi for a word make that word affect the updating (phi for) other words. If I am wrong, please correct me?

1- I can't understand why, for each word , old phi subtracted from new phi. can someone tell me nicely?
2- can I update gamma outside of for loop(on words) and then use it for updating phi?

the code of updating gamma and phi from lda-c:
for (n = 0; n < doc->length; n++)
    phisum = 0;
    for (k = 0; k < model->num_topics; k++)
        oldphi[k] = phi[n][k];
        phi[n][k] =
            digamma_gam[k] +

        if (k > 0)
            phisum = log_sum(phisum, phi[n][k]);
            phisum = phi[n][k]; // note, phi is in log space

    for (k = 0; k < model->num_topics; k++)
        phi[n][k] = exp(phi[n][k] - phisum);
        var_gamma[k] =
            var_gamma[k] + doc->counts[n]*(phi[n][k] - oldphi[k]);
        // !!! a lot of extra digamma's here because of how we're computing it
        // !!! but its more automatically updated too.
        digamma_gam[k] = digamma(var_gamma[k]);

thanks for your time and consideration, I am looking forward.

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