[Topic-models] NIPS 2016 Call for Tutorials

Hanna Wallach hanna at dirichlet.net
Sat May 14 21:37:09 EDT 2016

NIPS 2016 Call for Tutorials
Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona, Barcelona SPAIN
Monday December 05 -- Saturday December 10, 2016

Deadline for Tutorial Proposal Submissions:

* Wed Jun 15, 2016 23:59 PM UTC *

We welcome proposals for tutorials on either core machine learning topics
or topics of emerging importance for machine learning. We will consider any
topic, provided that the proposal makes a strong argument that the tutorial
is important for the NIPS community. Tutorials should be of interest to a
substantial portion the community and should represent a sufficiently
mature area of research or practice.

Each accepted tutorial will be two hours long. We anticipate that there
will be nine tutorials, with three running in parallel.

Proposals should be structured to provide the following information:

   1. Title
   2. Abstract (up to 250 words)
   3. Description and outline: What material will the tutorial cover and in
   what depth? Please provide a detailed outline. If available, please include
   URLs for slides and video recordings of the presenters' previous tutorials.
   Note that a NIPS tutorial should not focus exclusively on the presenters'
   own research results.
   4. Goals: What are the objectives of the tutorial? What is the benefit
   to attendees? Why is this tutorial important for NIPS 2016?
   5. Target audience: What is the target audience? What background should
   attendees have? How many attendees do you expect?
   6. Presenters: Who are the presenters? Please provide names,
   affiliations, email addresses, and short bios (up to 200 words) for each
   presenter. Bios should cover the presenters' expertise related to the topic
   of the tutorial. If there are multiple presenters, please describe how the
   time will be divided between them.
   7. A list of the most important references that will be covered.
   8. Previous tutorials: Has the tutorial (or a similar/highly related
   tutorial) been presented at another venue previously? If so, please list
   the dates and venues, and describe the similarities and differences between
   the previous tutorials and proposed tutorial.

You must log into nips.cc to submit an application. If you don't have an
account, create one here <http://nips.cc/Profile/create> first. Tutorial
proposals should be submitted online at Tutorial Application
<http://nips.cc/Tutorials/application> by Wed Jun 15, 2016 23:59 PM UTC.

Tutorial Chairs, NIPS 2016
Joelle Pineau and Hanna Wallach
tutorial-chairs at nips.cc

Technical questions with the application should be addressed to
support at nips.cc.
hanna wallach
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