[chuck-dev] --bufsize under windows XP

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Fri Jun 2 21:12:16 EDT 2006


Your issue is confirmed.

In fact, if I do

> chuck --bufsize2048 foo.ck

on my winXP laptop, it just sits there and doesn't play.

No ideas yet on what's causing it.


On Wed, 17 May 2006, Ge Wang wrote:

> Greetings!
> Windows XP users (again):
> On our XP systems (ever since there have been real-time audio
> problems when setting --bufsize to 1024 or greater.  Can anyone else
> confirm this?  To test this:
>    > chuck --bufsize1024 foo.ck
>    (where foo.ck is something that sounds fine with --bufsize256 or 512)
> What about bigger buffer sizes?
> We noticed this was causing audio interruptions in, after we
> switched to RtAudio 3.2.0.  Under XP, this allowed much lower buffer
> sizes and hence better lantencies, but it seemed to disfavor buffer sizes
> greater or equal to 1024.  It could be ChucK doing something dumb in
> interfacing with RtAudio, but it's weird this only happens for bufsize
> >= 1024 on XP...  Thoughts?
> Thanks!!
> Best,
> Ge!
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