[chuck-dev] Porting ChucK to OpenBSD

Will Maier willmaier at ml1.net
Tue Sep 30 06:47:06 EDT 2008

Hi Kas-

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 03:48:02AM +0200, Kassen wrote:
> That's good news!

I agree; I had a good time noodling yesterday. So far, so good...

> In your patch I didn't notice any reference to KBHit, a older,
> more simple, interface in ChucK to the computer's keyboard. I'm
> not sure whether that depends on true HID support, you may want to
> check that out ( there's a demo in /examples/event/ ). If that
> does work you're in luck because keyboard input can be very
> convenient in debugging ChucK code and of course with so many keys
> there's a lot of space for instrument design.

Thanks for the pointer; the KBHit demos _do_ work without any
further modification (excellent!). I'll also probably look into OSC
eventually, too (very cool to see it supported as well).

> It might also be good to point out that the true "joy of joypads"
> comes with low latency audio though when this is missing MIDI
> output linked to a external synth is still loads of fun.

Ah, MIDI. rtmidi.c supports IRIX, Mac OSX, Windows and Linux but
not, sadly, OpenBSD. We have a pretty standard OSS-based MIDI API
(read/write/poll the device file), but the RtMidi* abstraction
doesn't seem to have this yet. Again, if there's interest in adding
OpenBSD (or OSS) MIDI support, I'm happy to provide whatever support
I can.

Thanks again!


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