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Sun Oct 25 11:07:12 EDT 2009


RtAudio has had ASIO support since version 4.1, released in October 2002.  I
> don't know why it hasn't been in use in Chuck.  As you say, it is the most
> stable choice in Windows and the only one that easily allows channel counts
> greater than 2.
Yes, and if you look here;

You'll see that we have had community-maintained ASIO builds that are
confirmed to work and be stable. I've been running these for my live sets,
which depend on low-latency and using multiple channels, for over a year and
a half now. Just last night I was on stage for about 900 people in one of my
country's most prominent venues; in situations like that you can't really
use "well, it's a experimental language and...." as a excuse when something
crashes as they half expect you to mime over DAT.

Consider it tested :-)

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