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Brian Sorahan bsorahan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 16:42:51 EST 2013

Hi chuck devs,
Been meaning to write this email for a while. I gave a presentation on
chuck at texas linux fest last year and lots of people wanted to know how
to use chuck as the sound engine for games written in c++. I don't do any
game development and have never considered chuck being used for this
purpose, but I think the interest in chuck was due to the fact that you can
synthesize your game sounds instead of triggering audio samples.
I know that libpd <http://libpd.cc/> seems to fit this niche, but I could
see chuck being an attractive alternative (I personally hate dragging
virtual patch cords with a mouse!)
Does anyone know of anything similar to libpd for chuck?
Would chuck be suited for this purpose (ie - embedding in a mobile app, for

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