[chuck-users] load_dll from chuck code?

Robin Davies robin.davies at quest.com
Fri Aug 26 17:04:44 EDT 2005

I'm very excited to see Chuck, and I'm eager to start tweaking. 


I'd particularly like to get started on writing external C++ UGens for
Chuck. I own source for some particularly useful functions that I'd love
to get tied into Chuck (intention to donate as an external project), but
I can't seem to find the procedure for loading an external dll either
from Chuck code, or from the command-line, or otherwise. All the code
seems to be there to load an external DLL, but it doesn't seem to be
hooked up to anything yet. Am I missing something? 


Are there any immediate plans to expose this, or should I get busy
hacking away?


UGens that I'm interested in implementing: 


-          hosting VST plugins in chuck (a huge priority for me, have
source code, will integrate, if nobody else is doing this)

-          maybe Chuck as a VST plugin  (not a huge priority for me)

-          Some more basic instrument building blocks for ugens,
band-limited waveforms, particulary.

-          High-quality sample interpolators.


Is anyone else out there doing 3rd-party development for Chuck yet? I'd
be interested in sharing plans and priorities.




Robin Davies


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