[chuck-users] load_dll from chuck code?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Aug 28 04:53:59 EDT 2005

Hi Robin and all!

> I’d particularly like to get started on writing external C++ UGens for 
> Chuck. I own source for some particularly useful functions that I’d 
> love to get tied into Chuck (intention to donate as an external 
> project), but I can’t seem to find the procedure for loading an 
> external dll either from Chuck code, or from the command-line, or 
> otherwise. All the code seems to be there to load an external DLL, but 
> it doesn’t seem to be hooked up to anything yet. Am I missing 
> something?

You aren't missing a thing.  The functionality is there, but we have 
not exposed it.  Rather, we provided an older mechanism in v1, but we 
took it back out for v2 because we didn't have time to finish it for 
the new type-system.

> Are there any immediate plans to expose this, or should I get busy 
> hacking away?

This feature is on the high priority list.  We will try to get it 
re-exposed in the next two minor releases.

> UGens that I’m interested in implementing:
> - hosting VST plugins in chuck (a huge priority for me, have source 
> code, will integrate, if nobody else is doing this)
> - maybe Chuck as a VST plugin  (not a huge priority for me)
> - Some more basic instrument building blocks for ugens,  band-limited 
> waveforms, particulary.
> - High-quality sample interpolators.

(4x) Hooray!!

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