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philipd at CS.Princeton.EDU philipd at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 30 06:29:57 EDT 2005

Quoting Manfred Brockhaus <manfred.brockhaus at chello.at>:

> Hi,
> congratulations on the new release! I'm on OS X and in particular 
> interested to use MIDI and OSC events. So far MIDI in/out seems to work 
> fine here. OSC send works too, but with the example 
> 'opensound_demo_recv.ck' I get an error message: class 'OSC_Recv' has 
> no member 'event'.
> -mb

Oops!  We just found a bug from an overzealous search-and-replace hunt on just
before release.  In the release the function name was accidentally set to
'Event' rather than 'event' in ulib_opsc.cpp: line 161.   If you set this back
to 'event' all will be well. 

Or, for the moment, just change the start of line 13 to "orec.Event( ... "

We'll fix this in the release

Apologies, and good luck!  

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