[chuck-users] OSC receiver

Manfred Brockhaus manfred.brockhaus at chello.at
Wed Aug 31 04:16:19 EDT 2005

On Aug 31, 2005, at 8:31 AM, Philip Davidson wrote:

> This is a slightly different issue - you appear to be launching two 
> separate chuck VM's - for instance
> chuck program1.ck in a terminal window,
>   and then 'chuck program2.ck ' in another terminal.
> the chuck VM binds to port 8888 by default in order to listen for 
> incoming VM messages on the same machine, or over the network.
> If two VM's are launched, the second won't be able to make the 
> connection, and thus prints the error message.
> by using the
> %chuck --loop
> option, chuck will background itself and wait for incoming message, and
> you can then use
> %chuck +program.ck
> to add a new program to the VM

Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.
However, removing the program doesn't seem to work for me.
When using
%chuck - program.ck
I get the message
[chuck](VM): cannot remove: no shred with id 0...


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